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Grants for actions aimed at preventing and reducing risks of terrorist attacks and at protecting critical infrastructure

Public provocation to commit terrorist offences as well as recruitment and training for terrorism, also via the Internet, will be regarded as criminal offences and punishable as such in all EU member states

European ministers of justice agreed at the Council meeting on 18 April in Luxembourg to amend Framework Decision 2002/475/JHA on combating terrorism accordingly. In this way, the current EU legislation will be aligned with the Council of Europe Convention on prevention of terrorism adopted in 2005, especially Articles 5 to 7.

In addition, the Council adopted an action plan on enhancing the security of explosives. This initiative aims at preventing the use of commercially available explosives, chemical precursors and detonators to commit terrorist acts. Its consists of 47 measures to improve exchange of information and best practices as well as co-operation between member states. These include for example the setting up, by the end of this year, of an EU-wide early warning system to inform national security authorities on thefts of explosives or detonators and suspicious transactions.

The plan also foresees the establishment of a European Bomb Data system, which will provide authorised EU and national bodies with information (such as photos, films and technical descriptions) on incidents involving explosive devices.

Both the new framework decision and the action plan contribute to the implementation of the Counter-Terrorism Strategy adopted by the European Council in December 2005, in the light of the violent terrorist attacks in the United States (2001), Madrid (2004) and London (2005).

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